Pet surgery from Kalamazoo’s most compassionate veterinary clinic

When it comes to selecting a veterinary clinic to perform your beloved pet’s surgery, you can never be too careful. With years of experience and a fully-trained, highly-educated, and deeply-compassionate staff, Hearts & Paws is the ideal place to seek spay and neuter services, dental cleanings, oral surgery, and general surgery. No matter what your cat or dog needs, you can be confident that our team is capable. But, more importantly, you can be certain that your pet will be treated considerately, as if he was one of our own.

Pet teeth cleaning

  • Pet teeth cleaning requires general anesthesia.
  • An ultrasonic device and hand tools are used to remove tartar and calculus.
  • A probe is used to evaluate gingival attachment and remove buildup below the gum line.
  • The teeth are polished and a fluoride rinse is applied.

General pet surgery

  • Mass removals
  • Wound repairs
  • Intestinal foreign materials
  • Bladder stones
  • Eyelid repairs
  • Caesarian sections
  • Gastropexy

Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

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